Nordic Countries Restricting the Use of Moderna Vaccine

The Nordic Countries like Finland, Denmark, and Sweden are restricting Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine in young people all over the region. They are doing this over some of the concerns around rare cardiovascular side effects because of the virus.

Finland’s national health authority, THL, had taken this to the reason and then announced this Thursday that it would be taking some steps for the safety of the country and its young people as they are planning to pause the use of Moderna’s Covid vaccine in young men.

All males who are within the range of age 30 or younger will not be coming to get the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. Rather, they would be offered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine according to the THL.

Nordic Countries Restricting the Use of Moderna Vaccine

The decision taken by Finland and then announced by THL had made an impact around the world. The announcement was followed by some of the other announcements that were made by its Swedish and Danish counterparts.

They announced that they would both be restricting the use of the Moderna vaccine in the same manner and among the same people as in Finland. It is going to have similar demographics.

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In Sweden, they have announced that the use of the vaccine will not be allowed, and it will be stopped in people born in 1991 or later.

That is the final one that they are getting and the news announcement that we got from the other. All of this is going on while Denmark is relating the news of pausing the Moderna shot among all the people who are under the age of 18.

The decision that had been taken is not random at all. They have taken care of everything that had been given to account in the recent news. The fact that the people who are taking the vaccine are facing a condition of heart inflammation is definitely not good at all. To ensure that this does not cause serious problems in young people, they have decided to stop the vaccine and its use among young people. Seems like a logical solution.

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