Omicron wave receding at global epicenter, CDC

At the heart of Africa, where the omicron variant had been first found, we have seen that the people are getting better at a faster rate, and the rate of infection is also not as high as it had been. So, in other words, the omicron wave had been receding after reaching the peak after four weeks of the first case to be found. We know that this variant causes only mild symptoms in the body, and that is why not many people are even aware that the omicron variant has affected them.

Out of all the hospitalization done, 63% of them had been hospitalized for other reasons, and the Virus had been found due to mandatory testing. This goes to show that it is really hard to tell if you have the coronavirus in you or not by just looking or feeling. Well, the good news about this is that the wave seems to be receding in Africa, so it might follow in the other countries affected by it soon too.

Omicron wave receding at global epicenter, CDC

The worldwide panic had caused a major concern for the authorities and the health officials. We had been shook to the core when we heard the news of the new Covid variant. It just does not seem to end, and that too when the world was getting back to normal, and everyone was happy.

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“The omicron outbreak has spread and declined in the City of Tshwane with unprecedented speed peaking within 4 weeks of its commencement,” the researchers have commented about this.

That is all that we have for now. This seems like a ray of hope in the situation, and we are hoping that this turns out to be in our favor. Stay safe, everyone, and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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