Deltacron: A New Variant of COVID-19 or Something Else

This all seems to be never-ending, and honestly, people are getting a lot more tired because of all the new variants that are popping up. Just recently, we had the omicron variant of the coronavirus pop up, and now it is affecting millions worldwide.

This is all really disturbing and not good, but amidst all this, there had been claims made that a new variant of the coronavirus has come up. You might have even seen posts about this on Facebook as the news had spread really fast.


It can be concluded that by the name given to the variant, it is an amalgamation of the omicron and the Delta variant of the coronavirus. There are many people who are skeptical about this new variant of the coronavirus, and that includes some of the scientists across the world too.

We are all in this together because we are unsure what to make of all this. There had been no confirmation of the variant by the World Health Organization either.

The scientist who had made the claim that such a variant existed in the first place is someone who is still sticking to the point and trying to defend this.

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Kostrikis told the Cyprus Sigma TV network in an interview that was held on last week, “We will see in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious,” but he seemed to say that the omicron variant of the two is going to be more dominant than the other.

Many scientists are also thinking that this is just the result of lab contamination and that no other variant is known to exist till now. We do not know what to believe. People are really confused, and so are we. Only time will shed light.

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