Covid Could Trigger A Spike in Dementia Cases, Says Alzheimer’s Experts

If you don’t know what dementia is, then in basically one sentence, we can say that the disease is related to the deterioration of the brain. This affects the thought function and the memory of the person who is affected by the disease. It is clearly a very sad state of affairs, and apparently, the Covid virus is triggering this in many people all over the globe.

The fact that the side effects of the Covid cases is so much that the experts are also in a tough situation. There has been a new symptom or side effect or whatever you want to call it that can be triggered by the coronavirus. The world can be having a wave of dementia going around because of the coronavirus.

Covid Could Trigger A Spike In Dementia Cases, Says Alzheimer's Experts

The additional cases of the Covid 19 might as well bring this in with them. According to a study, over 100 Alzheimer’s and dementia monitoring associations have been saying this, and they are concerned about the future of the people. We are definitely not prepared for something like this. You do not need to ask and expect that.

The Alzheimer’s Disease International is going on and on, and they are the ones who are urging the World Health Organization and governments all over the world to “urgently fast track research on the potential impact of COVID-19 on increasing dementia rates.”

There has been some research done into this, although not substantial enough. There is research that says that the number of cases of dementia has increased since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The Covid 19 is also supposedly triggering the cause of dementia setting in on the people.

The rate is not that high now to make any significant impact in the medical world for the people to pay attention, but it is not going away. The risk is going to keep on increasing.

Since the coronavirus first was found in China in late 2019, and then the spread of it to all over the world, there have been more than 217 million cases reported. Among all these people, over 18 million were detected in the last 28 days.

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