Moderna Releases New Data About Covid 19 Cases

Moderna had made an announcement on Wednesday. They have released a lot more data on the so-called breakthrough that they have had in the cases that they were testing and studying. They are now saying that there is a lot of reasons for the booster shots to be given to the people. The claims of the announcement had been made regarding this only. The cases support the wide use of Covid 19 Booster shots and they even have a good reason behind it which seems perfectly logical to us.

There had been quite a number of debates over the booster shots. There are a few high health officials that have even resigned from their post over this issue. That news was covered a few days ago, you can go check it out if you want an in-depth reading of what happened and who resigned.

Moderna Releases New Data About Covid 19 Cases

There had been a phase three study that had been done by Moderna. The test showed that the people who are vaccinated do get the virus if they are exposed to it but that is very less frequent than the people who have not taken the vaccine.

They also think that the booster shot is necessary because maybe the immunity created by the vaccine might have started to lose its effect in the earlier participants. This might sound a bit concerning to you but there had always been the concept of booster vaccines in existence and there is a very good reason behind that so this is not anything new.

There had been found that there were 88 identified breakthrough cases out of 11,431 people who had been vaccinated between December and March. This is of course coming from the company. They have said this in a release. When we compare it with 162 breakthrough cases out of 14,746 trial participants who have been vaccinated in between the month of July through October in the last year, we can see a difference.

“There is going to be an even larger debate, as we have all come to know, about whether or not there is a need of vaccine boosters. Thus this discussion and the decision is going to be necessary when we are going into the fall,” Stephen Hoge said in an interview, he is the president of Moderna if you did not know about that already. That’s all that there to is.

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