FDA Plans to Authorize Pfizer Boosters for All Adults Before Week’s End: Reports

The booster shots are really important to be given to the people now as the coronavirus cases are on the rise in the United States now once again, and it can be fairly said that the holiday season coming up is not going to cause the number of daily coronavirus cases in the country to go down.

This is why the FDA is in a hurry to approve the booster shot for all the adults in the country. We can say that this is now the only way of controlling the situation right now and trying to prevent another major outbreak of the coronavirus that can claim even more lives.

FDA Plans to Authorize Pfizer Boosters for All Adults Before Week's End

The CDC and the FDA are really getting a move on things as the reports that we have got clearly states that the booster shots are going to be made available for all the adults in the country by the end of this weekend. Some reports even say that it will be by Thursday itself.

While there are a lot of rumors going around about the booster shots, and we have all seen the debate that had gone around the necessity of the booster shots among some pretty important health officials, it now stands as a matter of fact that the people must positively get the booster shots for increased immunity against the coronavirus.

The people who have taken both the doses of the first and the second coronavirus vaccine are the only ones who will be eligible for the booster shots. It is because, as the name suggests, the vaccine is a booster shot to give you more immunity than what you have already created by the first two primary vaccine shots.

If you have not taken the vaccines yet, then we think that it is high time that you do because it is the only licensed line of defense that we have here. The pills have not yet been authorized yet by the FDA, so the vaccines are important. You do not want to spend the holiday season in a bed, do you? Go get those shots!

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