UK Extends Covid Booster Vaccines to the Over-40s

There had been a new announcement regarding the eligibility for getting the Covid 19 booster shots in the UK. Now people in the United Kingdom can get the Covid Vaccine Booster Shots if they are above 40. This is going to start from Monday, and the vaccine will be available for all the eligible people now. This is indeed one more step forward in the fight against the coronavirus and the pandemic, and we are happy that the United Kingdom is going to make this step.

The previous criteria that were in place is for the people who are above the age of 50 and for those who have a serious underlying health condition. Now they have changed that to people over the age of 40, so that is a huge gap, and there are thousands of people who are falling into that age gap, and we are hoping that people will get their shots as soon as possible. Now there is also the criteria that there must be a six-month gap between the second vaccine dose and the booster shot dose, which should not be forgotten.

UK Extends Covid Booster Vaccines to the Over-40s

The United Kingdom also has a good roll-out, so it won’t be a problem to provide the shots to the people. Cases have dropped in the UK by a huge number, but it is still not gone down completely, and it can always come back. So we need to be very careful about the safety and precaution that one must take in the pandemic situation.

The United Kingdom had now gone ahead and reported 36,517 new Covid infections that had been found on this Sunday. The stats say that with cases that had been seen over the last seven days, it can be seen as a rising by 6% from a week earlier.

That is all that we have for now. We will surely keep you updated on the news. Everyone who is eligible to get the shots should be getting the shots already. It is highly important that they do. So take care of yourself, guys. And stay safe and sound.

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