Pfizer Will Allow Other Companies To Make Its Covid 19 Pills

Pfizer has reached a decision, and they have announced to the public that they will allow other companies to make its Covid 19 Pills. This is really a step that can be seen to be necessary for the people. They have signed a deal with a group of manufacturing companies who are backed by the United Nations or the UN if you please, this means a good deal had been struck, and we can also trust the companies to produce good pills of good quality since they are indeed backed up by the United Nations.

This gives a lot of hope to the people. The pills that they are making is an experimental drug that is given to people who are having mild to moderate Covid symptoms. They can be taken orally without any issue, and they are said to treat people from the Covid 19 virus without a lot of problems or complications. It is a major step forward that we are taking against the coronavirus. We are really very happy that this is happening.

Pfizer Will Allow Other Companies To Make Its Covid 19 Pills

Pfizer has said that they had signed a contract that is going to let the other companies create the Covid 19 pill over a span of 95 countries. This is going to allow the anti-viral pill to be spread and used far and wide. People from different regions can get access to it.

It is nothing less than a marvel to see such things come to life. Just a few months ago, people were rejoicing at the vaccine, and now we even have anti-viral pills that can turn out to be very effective against the coronavirus that had taken the life of many people.

“It’s quite significant that we will be able to provide access to a drug that appears to be effective and has just been developed, to more than 4 billion people,” said Esteban Burrone, in a statement of the news. He is the head of policy at the Medicines Patent Pool.

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