Long Covid Now Has A Formal Definition

The World Health Organization had taken matters into their own hand and then they have finally given us the definition of the long Covid. We have all heard about long Covid but we are not that sure about what it actually is. It is like a mystery of the coronavirus pandemic that we have not known yet. We have heard about it but we are not aware of it and what it basically means. Now once and for all some light is being shed on the matter by the World Health Organization and we are grateful for it.

Here is how they have defined the matter as they have stated it as the post Covid condition and that might be quite the truth if we look into the matter of what they have said.

Long Covid Now Has A Formal Definition

“Post COVID-19 is a condition which is known to occur in individual people who have had a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. This is a symptom that occurs usually 3 months from the onset of COVID-19. They are coming alongside the symptoms that are known to last for at least 2 months. And the fact that distinguishes it is that it can not be explained by an alternative diagnosis,” the World Health Organization said.

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“Common symptoms of the long Covid may include fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction but also several other symptoms in the process which are known to generally have an impact on everyday functioning. Symptoms can be happening in the pattern of a new-onset, or it can be following initial recovery from an acute COVID-19 episode. Symptoms are also known to fluctuate or relapse over time.”

The World Health Organization has taken a long time to sort out the definition of long Covid. There had been a lot of debates about this too, but it is so varied from person to person along with changing symptoms that it can be very hard to define. We hope that you understood the main grasp of the concept of long Covid. It now at least has some kind of definition. That’s a start.

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