COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Unnecessary For Most, Say FDA Advisers

The FDA advisers have made it clear that depending on the current situation and looking at all the evidence it is not really necessary to have the public take that Covid 19 Booster shots. There had been some debate about this in the past too and it always seems like the health officials are at hands with this issue. The fact that the issue is happening for a long time along with the conflict of opinions and words is making the public very confused.

The two senior FDA advisers who have stated that they do not have to give the booster shots to the people have resigned over the issue with the White House. It is now taking a more serious form than it had taken before so we are left wondering whether we should be taking the vaccine booster shots or should we not? That seems to be the question that every health official is thinking about right now.

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Unnecessary For Most, Say FDA Advisers

If you are wondering who are the ones that are resigning then we will tell you that they are no ordinary people. They had some serious seats in the office and they are resigning over the issue and conflict. The first one is Marion Gruber, who is also the director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review. The second one that is leaving along with her is one of her own people. It is none other than her deputy director, Phil Krause. They are all set to leave in October and November.

So what now? That’s the question that we seem to be asking ourselves. This might be the biggest action that is taking place because of the booster shots issue. No one had actually expected one of the big shots to resign because of this. If we look at the records then we can see a lot of debate happening regarding the booster shots among high-ranking health officials. But the case of resigning had not been seen so far.

So what comes next is yet to be soon. As for now, the booster shots are still on this list. So we must wait and see.

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