Gottlieb Says Breakthrough Covid Infections More Common Than People Realize Due to Weak Monitoring

Gottlieb says that the number of breakthrough Covid infections are more common than people actually know about because they are not properly being monitored. This is a thing to consider and think about since this can have some serious implications for the health of the people.

Gottlieb had advised that if you are among the group of people who got their vaccine shots early when they were being given out, then you need to go get your booster shots now. It is highly important that you do because now we see that the number of infected people is coming from the group that had been vaccinated early on.

Gottlieb Says Breakthrough Covid Infections More Common Than People Realize Due to Weak Monitoring

This means that the immunity and protection that had been given to us against the coronavirus Infection with the vaccine had started to fail. It is now time to get the booster shots, as that is the only way you can keep your immunity up against the deadly coronavirus.

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It is Indeed another problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Just a few days ago, the CDC and the FDA had made it open for every adult to get the booster shot of the corona vaccine. This was a landmark decision made, so it must not be a problem now to go and get the Vaccine Booster Shots.

“At this point, I think we need to accept that there’s a lot of breakthrough infections happening, particularly people who are out a significant portion of time from their original vaccination,” Gottlieb said in a statement to the news. “There’s probably more infection happening among the vaccinated population, more spread happening in that population, the unboosted portion of that population, than what we’re picking up because we’re just not systematically tracking this.”

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