Covid Will Become Manageable, Says BioNTech Co-Founder

The co-founder and chief medical officer of BioNTech has made a statement and told us about the coronavirus and the future a lot. BioNTech has been known a lot, and we are most familiar with it for being the German firm that developed a Covid-19 vaccine alongside Pfizer.

She made sure to tell the people that they could not get rid of the virus completely and that it will be here for a long period of time. We need to learn to live with it, and we should not be in crippling fear. That is because it can be managed now with the various methods that have been discovered by scientists.

Covid Will Become Manageable Says BioNTech Co-Founder

Özlem Türeci, Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech.

“Covid 19 will become manageable. If you look closely, then you can already see that it has started to become manageable” Dr. Ozlem Tureci said in her statement. However, she also added to the fact that we have to get back to the new normal and live along with the virus.

We can not get back to the way things were. But we can adapt to the situation because that is what we are best at. This virus will stay with us for quite some time, so it is better to accept the fact as soon as possible.

Being asked about her opinion on the emerging variants of the coronavirus, she did say that there are chances of more and more variants to emerge since that’s the nature of a virus. However, she also assures that BioNTech had been keeping an eye on all of them and making sure to screen them properly from time to time.

She said that all the current variants are not threatening as they can be subsided by the current vaccine, but in the future, it may be possible that there are variants that can withstand the vaccine. We need to prepare for that.

Now what happens in the future is not something that we can predict. We Have to trust the doctors and scientists and what they say. Hopefully, the situation will get better and not worse than it is currently for the time being.

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