FDA Panel Endorses First Covid-19 Pill

The FDA panel, for the first time, had endorsed the first Covid 19 pill. This is big news for the people. The panel had been discussing this for quite some time. They have been deliberating whether the way to find this is a drug in use should be a good thing or a bad thing. It is true that there are some severe disadvantages that the drug possesses.

For example, if taken during pregnancy, then the pill can cause birth defects in the child. This is a serious side effect, to say the least. However, the FDA panel had voted and stood out to be 13-10 in favor of the pill. They have said that even though there are risks with the pills, the benefits of the pills outweigh the risks.

FDA Panel Endorses First Covid-19 Pill

“I see this as an incredibly difficult decision with many more questions than answers,” said panel chair Dr. Lindsey Baden of Harvard Medical School. He is among the ones who voted in favor of the drug. The drug can now be taken by adults who are facing mild and moderate Covid symptoms. They have also cautioned that it is potentially harmful to a woman who is pregnant to take the drug. The drug should also be taken with caution to the people who suffer from obesity and asthma.

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We can understand why they have taken the decision, and it would be foolish to say that the situation does not call for it. The omicron variant is on the rise, and it is only a matter of days when it will spread far and wide.

We do not want that to happen, so maybe an extra pair of defense mechanisms in the form of a Covid 19 pill will be needed in such time. That being said, you should probably consult your doctor if you ever have to use this pill. That is all for now. We hope that you take care of yourself, guys.

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