Nearly 2M COVID Booster Shots Administered in First Week, White House Says

The booster shots are now approved to a certain group of people who are eligible to get the shots. This includes all the old aged people and by saying that we mean people over the age of 65, who are more vulnerable to the virus because of their weakened immune system. The people who suffer from some serious illness or disease are also given permission to get the booster shot.

Now after that had been approved by the CDC, we were waiting for the report on how many people actually got the shots in the first week because the first week is always very important no matter what. The turnout seemed quite good.

Nearly 2M COVID Booster Shots Administered in First Week, White House Says

About 2 million booster shots have been administered by the health care department to all eligible people. This is a good sign since people did not need much pushing to get the shot as was the case when the vaccine was first given.

“As we are going on and doing the task to vaccinate the unvaccinated, we are also very much taking part and are responsible for enhancing protection for vaccinated Americans through booster shots. We estimated in our records that by the day’s end, we would have almost had administered booster shots to 2 million Americans who have willingly rolled up their sleeves in order to get their booster shot. Nearly 2 million booster shots have been given in the first week,” Zients said and called it a strong start. It is indeed a very strong start and that is good news.

The shots are important as well as the first and second dose of vaccines. There had been quite a debate about the third short or the booster shots and if you have been keeping up with the news on a regular basis then you must know about it already.

The entire healthcare team had been divided into two groups but now since the booster shots are being already administered, there is no more reason to debate about it. We just hope that the situation gets better for the people. That is all about booster shots for now.

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