Pfizer Will Have Enough Covid Vaccine Doses For Every U.S. Kid, CEO says

Now it is true that the vaccine for kids will come soon, and if you have a kid, you might already be planning on taking your kids to the vaccine center to get them vaccinated as soon as possible. Well, it is reasonable that you are worrying over this. Kids and vaccines do not go well together, and this vaccine is essential to be skipped, don’t you think? Well, we never recommend skipping any vaccine, but that aside you might be worried about the vaccine getting a shortage of supply. But you do not need to worry about that either.

Pfizer had stated that they will have enough vaccines for all the kids in the United States. There is not going to be any shortage in supply. It will reach every corner, and every kid will have the chance to get vaccinated. It is indeed a relief to hear the statement from the vaccine makers. Now they are just waiting for their clearance, and then the moment they get the clearance, they are starting to send out the vaccine and manufacture more if required.

Pfizer will have enough Covid vaccine doses available for every U.S. kid following clearance, CEO says

“The government of the United States had been very clear about this, and they had already placed orders with us, and the number of orders that they had placed is basically going to cover every kid in this country. So, no one needs to worry about the shortage of supply, and the supply will always go to be there, and hopefully, a lot of kids will benefit from it,” Bourla said, Pfizer CEO. So that is what had been already planned beforehand.

If that is not reassuring, then we do not know what is. For now, that’s all the news that we have today. We will be sure to bring more news about this matter soon to you as it has been seeing some of the fastest development that we have had. So until then, take care of yourself! And keep your eye on the news too.

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