Fully Vaccinated Families Can ‘Feel Good’ About Gatherings, Says Fauci

Fauci had always been telling the people that they need to get the vaccine against the coronavirus. This had been going on from the beginning of the time when the first Coronavirus vaccine came out in the United States. From that point of time, there had not been a time Where Fauci has not talked about the importance of the Covid 19 vaccine.

We know that he is the head of the medical staff in the White House, and he did not get the position by luck or chance, he got that title because of his work, and he deserves it. And as experienced people in the field of health, we ought to be paying more attention to what the man says.

Fauci on holiday Said Fully vaccinated families can 'feel good' about gatherings

Lately, he has been talking about the importance of booster shots. This is because the Covid 19 virus cases in the United States are on the rise again. No one wants to see the devastating situation come on again.

The holiday season is also coming up, which means that there are going to be a lot of gatherings all across the country, so there is also the chance of the cases rising up too. In such a situation, the people who are fully vaccinated and have had their eligible booster shots are the ones who are safer out there in the holiday gatherings.

Fauci says that these people can feel good about the family gathering od the holiday season. This might be just another way to motivate the people to get their vaccine and the booster shot if they had not gone to get it yet.

This will act as a reminder for everyone about the deadly coronavirus and the usefulness of the Covid 19 vaccine that has been given to us. So if you are among them who have still not got their vaccine, then you need to get a move on.

“If you get vaccinated, and your family’s vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical Thanksgiving,¬†Christmas¬†with your family and close friends,” Fauci said, and he added to this statement he made: “when you’re with your family at home, goodness, enjoy it with your parents, your children, your grandparents. There’s no reason not to do that.”

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