Idaho Reports First Human To Die From Rabies Since 1978

In a strange turn of events, there had been the report of a man who died of Rabies in Idaho. This is reported as the first case since the year 1978. It was unexpected, but it did happen. They had reported that the man had contracted the rabies virus from a bat that flew into his house and got stuck in his clothes.

He was not aware of the fact that the bat had bitten or scratched him. Maybe it was just a little scratch, but this is not something that should have been neglected. The man did not feel any pain, so he did not even see the scratch or bite, and this was the cause behind his demise.

Idaho Reports First Human To Die From Rabies Since 1978

He fell sick and had been taken to the hospital, where he stayed for a few days before he died because of the Rabies. This once again is the first reported death caused by Rabies in a long time, so it is getting a lot more attention than it usually would. The fact that the exposure to the bat was found after the man had died and by inspection of the dead body is even sadder to know.

“This is one of the most tragic cases that we had come across. It also highlights the fact about how important it is that all of the Idahoans ¬†should be very much aware of the risk of rabies exposure,” Dr. Hahn said in a statement to the news “Although it is true that deaths caused by are rare, it is also true that there are critical points that when people are exposed to a bat then they have to receive appropriate treatment and this is done to prevent the onset of rabies as soon as possible.”

They are also giving preventive treatment to the people in the hospital who might have been come in contact or had the risk of exposure. That is all for now. We will keep you updated on the news. Make sure that you are well aware of what is happening around the world.

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