Rising UK Covid Cases Could Be A Compelling Argument for Boosters Shots

The Former Obama White House policy director Dr. Kavita Patel had gone ahead and explained that they are discussing the increased amount of corona cases. This is why there is a surging number of Covid cases that are present in the United Kingdom. This could be a perfect example, and this is a much more compelling situation as an argument for booster shots. A debate that had been going on for ages.

“What is currently happening is … this is now a real-world experiment that we are seeing where we have the efficacy of AstraZeneca that comes on in decreasing, and then we have found that they have not rolled out on to their boosters,” Patel said on an interview.

Rising UK Covid Cases Could Be A Compelling Argument for Boosters Shots

The United Kingdom is very much on a vaccination rollout that began in December in the month of 2020. However, now that we have seen the contribution to the high case rate. This is all because of a reason, of course. This is all due to the data showing that there is an increasing amount of data that had shown us in the matter of stats that the immunity of the vaccinated people and how that is going in about six months.

There had been a spread of most infectious coronavirus because of the delta variant of the coronavirus. The factor of the stuff is that it is a diminished vaccine efficacy. Now booster shots are a lot of a debate. And even though many people are willing to get the shot, many people are still not going to get the booster shots due to everything.

But the increasing cases of the Covid 19 cases do imply that the immunity is going down, so there is the need to get more of a booster shot as a precaution to make sure that no one is fatally getting infected by the virus. That’s all for now. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

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