Moderna Will Not Share Its Covid Vaccine Recipe

Moderna has no intention in the near or distant future to share with other the Covid 19 vaccine recipe that its own company holds. They have decided to not share it with anyone and just keep it to themselves. This is coming all according to the chairman of the company.

Now it is true that there had been talks that whether sharing the recipe will help in the faster production of the vaccine or not and Moderna had come to the conclusion that it will not and therefore they are the only ones who are going to take the task of the production of the vaccine. They are saying that this is going to be better this way and faster too.

Moderna Will Not Share Its Covid Vaccine Recipe

The United Nations have pressed Moderna to share its vaccine recipe with the others so that more people can get access to the vaccine as a result of the increased production but this does not seem to be happening at the moment. Despite being pressed time and again by the United Nations, Moderna had taken the decision and they are not going to falter from it.

They did say that they are going to increase the production more and that more people are going to have access to the vaccine in the next year of 2022. We hope that what they are claiming comes true. The works of the vaccination are not completed yet as there are still many people who have not even received their first dose.

“Within the period of the next six to nine months, the most reliable way that we think is probable and we seem to have found is to make high-quality vaccines and that too being made in an efficient way. Thus it is going to be successful if we make them,” Afeyan said.

So they are only trusting their own company and not some others for making the vaccine since it is a very delicate and serious process. We only hope for the best now. And that is all for now. Thank you for giving this article here a read.

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