Data Shows United States is the World’s Biggest Vaccine Donor

The United States is found out to be a big help to the world. It is apparently the largest donor of Covid-19 vaccines on a global scale. Thus it means that the United States has been helping the world out all this time. They have been giving away or rather donating the vaccines for the people of the world and in order to help them. The United States are way ahead of other major economies such as China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This is all coming from a very legit source of info. It is not just any organization that made this data table. This has been confirmed according to public data compiled by UNICEF.

UNICEF is a United Nations agency that is responsible for the protection and development of children all over the world. Now at the current times, they are also responsible for the supply of vaccines and they have been up to their eyes worth of work doing all the management regarding Covid vaccine supply for the COVAX initiative.

Data shows the U.S. is the world’s largest Covid vaccine donor - way ahead of China

The initiative if you have not already heard about it, aims to share doses with lower-income countries of the world. It is a very good initiative we must say, as in such a situation only humans can help humans. We have to come together and rely on each other in such a situation.

The United States has known to have donated over 114 million doses of the Covid Vaccines. This had been donated to around 80 countries that are considered developing countries and they are spread all across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The amount of vaccines that they have donated is truly huge. It has donated more than 3 times what had been given out by China. If we look at the statistics we will know.

China is taking the spot of the World’s second-largest donor of the corona vaccine. It has donated around 34 million doses of the vaccine all over the world. After China comes to Japan. And even though it is a small country, it has donated around 23.3 million doses of vaccines.

Please note that all this info came from the data that had been compiled by UNICEF. This is not an individual study that we have done. So despite the problems, instances like these show that humanity is still alive and that we still have hope left in such a situation.

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