Depression Rates Have Tripled During The Pandemic

The pandemic had taken a toll on the mental health of the people. It seems that a lot of people are now depressed because of the pandemic situation. Indeed, the effects of the pandemic had not been good to the minds of the people.

Staying locked in the house, constant fear of what is going to happen, losing jobs, industry stagnation, and probable suffering and death of loved and dear ones are just some reasons why people are becoming more anxious and depressed in the pandemic situation.

Depression Rates Have Tripled During The Pandemic

Many people are now suffering from severe mental ill-health because of this. The study had been done recently, which shows clearly that the depression rate had gone up during the year and at a faster rate too. This is of major concern, and this is worrying the health officials a lot.

Depression rates are known to have tripled over the time of the first year of the pandemic. We are getting this info according to research that had been done from Boston University. They have published this research in their medical journal called The Lancet Regional Health.

At the time of the Pre-pandemic situation, there was about 8% of adults in the united states experienced depression. But in a survey of 1,161 people which had been taken between March and April of 2020, we can see that the statistic has jumped to 28%.

When this was done the next year, and that means when it was done this year, then the jump was even more, nearing around 32%.  This is indeed a problem that we are facing. Maybe you too had known to have shown signs of depression when we were completely locked down in the pandemic.

However, it is most often seen that the depression rate may rise and then fall during the event, but in the case of Covid, it keeps ongoing, and that is what is more concerning. There is no sign of a decrease in the depression rate. This is where it gets even more troublesome. We hope that the situation gets better in the future.

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