WHO Investigating New COVID-19 Variant Named Mu

There has been some bad news. Well, we can not call it news yet since it has not been totally confirmed but there is a possibility of another new variant of the Covid 19 virus. It is going to be said that this mutation in the virus might be resistant to the vaccine. This is indeed some serious news and the World Health Organization is looking after it. They are calling this new variant mu. They have been trying to monitor this new variant for weeks now and they are apprehensive of the fact that it might be resistant to the vaccine.

The Mu variant which is also known as B.1.621, was officially added as a “variant of interest” to the organization’s watch list. “The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape,” the bulletin said.

WHO Investigating New COVID-19 Variant Named Mu

There have been varied talks going on about this new variant of the coronavirus. Some of the people who are observing the variant of the virus have said that there can be some properties that make this variant immune to the vaccine that has been created against the virus to fight the virus. However, this is up for debate because many researchers and scientists are of the view that they can not reach any conclusion yet because the info is limited. More research needs to be done on this particular new mu strain to understand what is actually going on.

This is a cause of worry and we are not going to lie about it but the World needs to be prepared. And keeping yourself well informed is another form of preparation. So what happens in the future is yet to be seen. We just hope that it is not bad news. We will keep you updated.

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