Vaping Linked To Increased Eating Disorder Risk Among College Students

Recently there have been some cases where health officials are linking Vaping or e-cigarettes with the eating disorder that can be seen in a lot of students and youngsters. Thus this is a very common factor that can be seen in young adults who are before the age of 25 mostly.

An estimate had been made and we have a 22% of college kids who have reported that they are in the recent nicotine vaping in 2019. They have also got on and noted that while up to “29% of female, 16% of male and 14% of transgender/gender are the ones who are non-conforming college students who have been seen reporting symptoms of eating disorders,” the study said as a part of it. This is indeed some numbers that we are seeing here.

Vaping Linked To Increased Eating Disorder Risk Among College Students

Findings are seen and they have come to be published in Eating Behaviours that can be drawn from 2018-2019 around the National Healthy Minds Study (HMS). It can be seen that there had been among some 51,231 U.S. students across 78 colleges and universities who are suffering from the problem. The email survey included students who are of the age group of 18 and up at the age.

Results have been given and they have been highly leaning towards the fact that the e-vapers and the flavored vapes are the ones that are causing the problem of eating disorders in the body of the people. Thus the findings state that 19% of the people are actually facing this problem.

So if you are associated with the Vaping thing then you might want to look and pay more attention to your eating habits because you might be facing the same problem too. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself. That is all. So think again and take care of the safer route.

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