US Covid-19 Deaths Are Topping 2,000 For The First Time Since March

It is seen that the average number of people who are dying every day because of Covid in the United States is more than 2000. This is not a good sign as the cases continue to rise. The threshold had not been like this since the month of March. This is indeed a grim situation, and if not, then the problem might as well continue to increase.

The seven-day average that we can see and get an average of reported U.S. Covid deaths is standing at 2,031 as of Tuesday. All this data is coming from a valuable source, and it is all according to data compiled by none other than Johns Hopkins University.

US Covid-19 Deaths Are Topping 2,000 For The First Time Since March

The fatalities caused by the coronavirus are increasing day by day. It was by 13% one week ago, and now it has increased by 43% from the start of the month. The last time we saw the average daily U.S. death toll over 2,000 was back at the beginning of the year on March 1.

There had been a lot of deaths that are documented and the average daily Deaths have been over since March and continued well over the month of April. This is a testing time for the Nation. There have been reported deaths in the large United States states like Florida. Florida had seen an average of 376 deaths on a daily basis. Texas has also reported an average of 283 deaths on daily basis.

Covid 19 has become the deadliest outrage of the disease in the United States to date, and it’s no joke that this virus has caused so many fatalities in the country. The situation might take a turn for the worse if the situation is not handled properly.

The best thing that the government has done is to provide FDA Approval to booster shots. This might help the people by a long shot. The older people above the age of 65 are getting booster shots, so maybe the deaths will be decreased. We are all going to keep you updated on the news.

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