UK Doctors Call For Urgent Return of Covid Restrictions

The UK doctors have gone ahead and called on a special plea to the UK government stating that there need to be more restrictions that need to be put in place or rather back in place because of all the high rate of infections that the country is having now.

The officials who are at the NHS Confederation have gone to issue a statement that is calling on the government “to introduce measures some of the measures that had been in place and some of the measures such as mandatory face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces needs to be passed by the government without delay in order to keep people well.”

UK doctors call for urgent return of Covid restrictions as experts monitor new mutation

They have been warned about this as it had been already stated that the National Health Service “is seeing some of the most worrying factors that are also seeing an increase in the coronavirus cases.”

The U.K. is currently under very stress as the number of cases of corona virus-infected patients is going up and it had reached a new high. They are now recording between 40,000 and 50,000 new Covid cases a day. The number of hospitalizations and deaths is also on a steady rise. This is not looking good for them at all.

Last Tuesday, we have seen that the United Kingdom had reported 43,738 new Covid cases. This is less than the number of cases of the previous day but there is no guarantee that it is the end of the problem. There can be much more infection rate if someone does not take any action. People need to be more careful. Even though we have vaccines now, the coronavirus is not completely gone.

The health care service and community is going to do their best, in fact, they already are, but it is impossible to take on more of a burden of this situation. Therefore people need to be careful, the government needs to bring back some of the much-needed restrictions in order to control the spread of the disease. That’s all for now. We only hope the situation gets better and not worse.

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