Schools With Large Covid Outbreaks Generally Aren’t Following Federal Mask and Vaccine Guidance, Says CDC Director

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky had made a statement on Friday. He said that the schools that had recently opened and that have been struggling with the large-scale Covid outbreak are not actually following the federal guidelines that have been made for the purpose of making sure that the students do not get infected by the Covid virus. Or to be more precise, to make the chance of infection even less.

But some of the schools have not been following those guidelines and it is indeed very troubling. The guidelines were for the children to wear masks all the time and even indoors and the requirement to get vaccinated when they are eligible for it.

CDC director says schools with large Covid outbreaks generally aren’t following federal mask and vaccine guidance

Pediatric Covid hospitalizations that have been taking place in the United States have reached a high point this week as we can see by the reports. This is troubling because a lot of children are falling sick due to the lack of safeguards that are followed at the school.

Now indeed there needs to be some step taken for this matter at hand. They have decided to close the schools in districts that have insufficient safeguards. The prevention of the outbreak is the main deal here, if that can not be maintained then there is no need to open the schools.

The director of CDC has also made a speech for the schools in order to proceed with a multi-layered approach to prevent any outbreak from happening. Some of them had been following this advice word to word while the others are just simply not listening or they are falling on deaf ears.

“I want to make a strong appeal to those districts who have not yet implemented the mentioned federal prevention strategies. I would also like to encourage them to do the right thing to protect the children under their care,” Walensky said in his speech. Education is important but health is more important. So in order to get good education the child has to remain healthy. That is only possible when the schools are following the proper guidelines.

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