Pediatric Covid Cases on The Rise in Multiple U.S. States

Pediatric cases or cases among children for the Covid 19 cases are on the rise. This is definitely not something that can be taken in a positive way. It is difficult to home school so many children at once. So when the restrictions were lifted and students returned to school there was a hope that everything might return to normal but obviously, it did not. The Covid cases are on the rise in the United States for quite some time. The cases are not spreading a lot more among the children that had been ever seen before.

A lot of states like Ohio, Michigan and Georgia, and New Jersey have been having a huge number of children and students who have been affected by the coronavirus. In Georgia, it was reported that 60% of all the cases that had been recorded in the past two months have been children.

Pediatric COVID cases rising in multiple states as students return to the school

Ohio reported a 44% increase in the number of Covid cases that have been children. Pennsylvania also reported that the number of children and students who are being seen with the Covid 19 symptoms and have been later confirmed for sure to have the coronavirus have increased 10 times in the area. All this is amounting to a disaster.

Michigan has also given out its info and statistics and announced that the coronavirus cases among school-aged children have doubled. The data that was released by their health department showed that there are 344 new outbreaks and 538 ongoing outbreaks.

New Jersey has been given out and known to have reported 133 cumulative COVID-19 cases in children–the result that came out of this situation id 6 separate outbreaks. So according to the numbers of rising cases, the situation can become worse in the future with more and more children falling victims of this contagious and dangerous disease.

The vaccine for kids between the ages of 5 to 11 will need to be authorized as soon as possible. It will be done soon as the FDA had promised and that might be the only solution to the problem that they are having at this point of time right now.

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