Liquid Aminos and Benefits

Amino acids are the constituents of protein that are useful for the growth of muscle in the body.

Our body requires 20 amino acids, out of which, 11 are produced by our body and the other 9 have to be derived through the diet.

Amino acids produced by our body are called ‘non-essential amino acids’ and those which have to be taken in through diet are called ‘essential amino acids.’

These essential amino acids can also be taken in the form of supplements. They are also available in the form of liquid aminos.

What Are Liquid Aminos?

Liquid aminos is a gluten-free seasoning for food, which consists of concentrated amino acids obtained from soybeans.

They are similar to soya sauce except for the fact that they are gluten free and are free from alcohol.Liquid aminos are milder, sweeter, and more costly than soya sauce.

Liquid aminos are recommended for vegetarian and vegan people because it is hard to meet the protein needs of the body through a vegetarian diet.

You can add liquid aminos to your food for salty flavour and they can be used as a replacement to soy sauce.

Top Benefits of Liquid Aminos

Liquid aminos are a source of amino acids and some health benefits can be obtained from them which include-

1. Contain Amino Acids

Your body requires protein for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It is also used for boosting performance. Protein is formed by a combination of amino acids.

Essential amino acids can be formed in our body but non-essential ones need to be derived from the diet.

Vegetarian and vegan diets lack a proper amount of protein, so products can be used to fulfill the body’s requirement of protein. Liquid aminos are a source of amino acids.

When created using soy, they contain 16 amino acids and when created using coconut sap they contain 17 amino acids.They act as healthy flavour enhancers.

2. Naturally Gluten-free

If a product is labeled as gluten-free, it means that it does not contain gluten.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, grains, and other substances derived from them. It holds the food particles together, to maintain their shape.

There is a certain percentage of people in the world that cannot consume gluten because of allergic reactions.

In such cases, choosing liquid aminos is a good idea for completing protein goals for the body.

Liquid aminos are formed using a mixture of either hydrolysed beans and water or a mixture of fermented coconut sap and water.

This leads to the formation of gluten-free liquid aminos which can be a replacement for soya sauce that contains gluten.

People following diets such as the paleo diet need to avoid legumes as well, which is why they consume liquid aminos made out of coconut sap instead of soybeans.

Liquid aminos can be used in various recipes for giving a savoury taste to the dish.

3. Milder Taste Than Soya Sauce

Liquid aminos are milder and sweeter in taste than soya sauce which adds a strong flavor to the food.

Liquid aminos formed from soy contain around 300 mg of Sodium because it formed during processing while those formed from fermented coconut sap contain about 60% less sodium.

This shows that they both add different amounts of salty taste to the food. Although liquid amino and soy sauce might seem similar, there exists a difference between their flavours and taste.

People usually find the umami flavor of liquid aminos with a tint of sweetness quite pleasant.

4. Don’t Contain Chemical Preservatives

Liquid aminos are good for people who are sensitive to a number of food products using chemical preservatives as ingredients and develop allergies because they contain no chemical preservatives.

Benzoic acid or Sodium Benzoate is a chemical preservative added to soy sauce to prevent microbial growth and contamination.

It is used to increase the shelf life of soya sauce. In addition, some extra flavor and color is also added to the product.

These preservatives are not harmful in small quantities but some people are sensitive to them and it can cause swelling, itching, and other symptoms.

5. May Reduce Hunger

Liquid aminos give an umami flavour to the food which is one of the strongest flavors. It adds richness to the taste of food, making it more pleasant to eat and giving a feeling of fullness.

Liquid aminos provide amino acids which are the building blocks of protein and protein helps in reducing the appetite of a person because it can release the hunger-suppressing hormone.

Moreover, liquid aminos contain free glutamate, a product formed from the breakdown of glutamic acid.

Studies have shown that glutamate can help decrease hunger and cravings for snacks.

Research has also shown that consumption of chicken broth in women, which is rich in monosodium glutamate and gives an umami taste sensation to the tongue.

Led to more self-control related to food and diet because some specific regions of the brain worked more efficiently.

Research is still going on to confirm how liquid aminos aid in reduced hunger and weight loss.

6. Easy To Add To Your Diet

Liquid aminos are available in the form of a seasoning that can be added to various recipes. They can be used as a substitute for soya sauce for a milder taste and reduced calories.

Some ways in which it can be used are

  • You can add them to salad to give it a better flavor and taste
  • Use it to give savoury taste to the dips for umami explosion
  • Make a hummus to satisfy your hunger with a more salty and savoury taste
  • Mix it with rice and beans or pulses
  • Use them instead of soya sauce for foods such as noodles or stir-fries
  • Add them to a soup or broth to give it an umami kick
  • Use them as a seasoning for popcorns
  • Mix raw or roasted veggies with liquid aminos to make the dish more enjoyable
  • Eat them with nuts as a snack
  • You can add them to your meat or fish
  • Cook pasta or macaroni with it for some extra flavor

You can use your own creativity to prepare more such dishes and meals using liquid aminos which are healthier and more delicious.


Liquid aminos can be great for providing nutrition to the body. They consist of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Protein is very important for the growth and strength of our body. Liquid aminos are comparable to soya sauce but they are different from it in terms of method of preparation and flavour.

Liquid aminos can either be prepared from soybeans or by fermenting coconut sap. Their method of preparation determines the amount of sodium present in them.

Liquid aminos have a number of benefits. They are free from chemical preservatives and are gluten-free.

Glutamate present in them gives an umami flavour reduces feelings of hunger.

They are quite easy to add to the diet in the form of a seasoning or as a substitute for soya sauce.

A number of dishes can be made where it can be used as an ingredient with various health benefits.

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