India is ‘Better Equipped’ To Deal With the Potential Covid Third Wave

India is now going to take charge of the situation. After the first and second waves, Where millions of people lost their lives, India is now better prepared to stop new Covid-19 waves. They will prevent the third wave from wreaking havoc on the country. This is all coming from and according to Dr. Soumya Swaminathana, the chief scientist at the World Health Organization.

The South Asian nation had the worst of the case when it suffered a devastating second wave between the months of February and early May. It was during this time when the country was suffering the most. In the time of which they faced a daily infection case. This was bad enough with the far and widespread of the coronavirus, but it also had the death rates rise at an alarming pace. This was very devastating for the people of the country. It pushed the healthcare system to the brink of it.

India is 'Better Equipped' To Deal With the Potential Covid Third Wave

Dr. Soumya Swaminathana, Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization

Since then, there has been some relief in the cases that we have seen. The case has actually declined and has gone down a lot, and they are currently averaging around 30,000 to 40,000 a day. Vaccination is also done at a higher rate. This is indeed a very good sign that India is following.

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The world has been researching the coronavirus for years now, and it is true that most people and scientists are coming up with studies that make people understand that which part of the body is the coronavirus most likely to attack. The measures to prevent such from happening have also been crested. The people of the world are tackling this problem one day at a time.

“I think we are much better equipped now in India to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and also prevent the tragedy that happened during the second wave, but also it has been prevalent in other countries. It is done in order to prevent any catastrophic waves from happening,” she said.

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