How To Maintain Lower Sodium Intake

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had stated this last week that it had issued one of the final guidance that there is to the food industry. Now it is going in for voluntarily reducing sodium as per the intake of an average person, which is in processed, packaged, and prepared foods.

The agency has got this aim in its hand. Now it is up to them to cut in the average sodium intake by 12% – this is going to be in from 3,400 to 3,000 milligrams per day – this will be the goal for the next 2 ½ years.

How To Maintain Lower Sodium Intake

Research has been going on, and now it shows that Americans are keen on sodium intake and that they are the people who, on average, consume more than 50% sodium than that had been recommended.

“Your body is very much clever, and it needs only a small amount of sodium in order for it to work properly, but as a matter of fact, that too is a fact that too much of sodium can be very bad for your health. Diets have gone on higher and with this intake in sodium and too much of its intake is associated with an increased risk of developing very high blood pressure, now this is a major cause of heart disease and in some cases a stroke” the FDA made sure to tell this to the public by writing that on their website.

It is seen that More than 70% of all of the dietary sodium that had been in consumption is now in contact and it all comes from eating packaged and prepared foods.  FDA had decided to reduce the amount in the future too.

So the reduction in the intake of sodium is very much useful. This is indeed a matter of importance now. To make sure that you are not causing any harm to the body, you should take care of what you are eating. That’s all for now. FDA is in the works, so reduce it. Make sure to keep your eyes on the news. We will keep you updated.

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