FDA Panel Weighs Safety, Effectiveness of Merck COVID-19 Pill

Merck’s Covid 19 Pills have been waiting to get evaluated by the FDA all along. Now the FDA panel is checking to see the effectiveness and safety of the pills. The pills can very well become the very first authorized pill that the patients or people can take at home to cure coronavirus.

The sources of the FDA are doing the research for them, and they are going to send the info to the FDA, and then they can make a decision. Voting was to be expected to happen around Tuesday, but we do not know of anything about that with certainty.

FDA Panel Weighs Safety, Effectiveness of Merck COVID-19 Pill

There had been sources that had done a lot of research, and as it turned out, there is a disadvantage of the pill. It can cause birth defects, and it does not seem to be as effective as it said in the initial time.

We know that the current situation is not that good. The cases are on the rise once again, which should be troubling enough, but there is a new worry and ongoing tension about the new variant of the coronavirus named omicron.

I am sure you guys know all about it now. We covered a wide range of articles regarding that. So check them out if you somehow missed them, though it is highly unlikely to happen. However, one exception is always there in the First and last place.

Anyway, the matter is that FDA is taking their time to find out more about this pill. In a dire situation, though, it is expected that the FDA might go on ahead and start with the emergency use of the pill even if they do not fully authorize it. That is all that we know for now.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the news. If FDA does end up approving Merck’s Covid 19 pills, then this might be a game-changing moment. You will be the first one to know. That is all for now. So take care of yourself and your family. Have a good day!

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