Dr. Eric Topol Says More Americans Will Eventually Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Shot

The situation is not really getting that better. It is indeed very troublesome to have this many cases on the rise and then also face a waning immunity among the vaccinated people. The booster shot is necessary among the people because it will help the people to maintain the immunity that they got from the Covid Vaccines in the first place.

More Americans are going to have to accept this and it will be great to have the third Covid vaccine booster shot. This is done so that you get your immunity maintained. We are now seeing a lot of immunity wanes. All this had been said but now we are actually going according to Dr. Eric Topol, who is also the founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.

Dr. Eric Topol Says More Americans Will Eventually Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Shot

“Eventually it will so happen that a lot more people are going to need these booster shots, these so-called third shots. This is Nothing new, it had always been a part of the plan from the very beginning,” Topol said this Friday regarding all the debate and trouble going on about the booster shots.

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A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee has taken on the case and they have rejected the proposal of distribution of booster shots of Pfizer. This is not available for the general public but as the situation gets worse, it needs to be distributed entirely among the people of America. However, the shot was recommended to people of 65 years age and above. However the doctor says that it needs to be more than just 65 years above age, it should be given to all

More research should always be done and we think that is what all this is leaning towards. It should provide better insights and give us more transparency into the efficacy of booster vaccine shots.

“We are definitely trying and I think we would be working to going to get more data out of Israel, and even out of the United Kingdom and other places,” Topol said. Let us see what happens next. Only time will tell what the future has in store for all the people.

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