Covid Deaths Could ‘Climb Even Higher,’ Warns Dr. Ashish Jha

Dr. Ashish Jha has been interviewed and he had made it clear about the possible increase in the number of Covid Death. If you are wondering who it is then we will tell you. He is the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health. He has very much warned about the toll of the pandemic that could possibly be overwhelming and coming for us all. As the Covid deaths in the United States are climbing every day at an alarming rate, there has been a lot of problems. The current count is as high as more than 1,000 a day.

“I think we will be able to see a rise in the Number toll. It is going to increase as we see the death numbers climb even higher in the coming next few weeks, but I’m hoping the big outbreak that has been going on in the places like Florida, Louisiana, and others might have already reached their peaks and hopefully, there is the only way down.

Covid deaths could ‘climb even higher in the next couple weeks,’ warns Dr. Ashish Jha

So in the coming weeks, they can be becoming down,” Jha said in the interview on the news that they have been taking. He hopes that it is the last of the bunch that the world has to face. He talks about the new vaccine that has been given FDA approval recently.

“I think that there is going to be a big difference that had been made and it will be made. I also think there are some individuals or people who had been waiting for this full approval. I think that it would be very helpful for the people that are meticulous in only taking an approved vaccine and not an emergency one,” said Jha on the news “When you take a closer look at the unvaccinated population of the country, you will find that there are about two-thirds of them who are going to say that they would get the vaccine if there was the mandate. So the presence of this approved vaccine is going to change a lot of things.” We need to wait and watch what is going to happen.

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