Covid Can Cause Blood Clots

There has been a risk of rare blood clotting which can be caused by the Covid 19. People believed that there had been the cause of the vaccines but that is not the case. The vaccine is not causing the blood clot, but the Covid 19 is actually the one responsible for this. The possibility of blood clotting is significantly higher as a result of catching Covid-19. A study has been done and they have concluded on this matter at hand. The blood clots are not caused by the vaccine at all but by the virus itself.

In the study that we have been talking about, they have actually published the study in the British Medical Journal on Friday. This is from where we are getting the source base of its research. The researchers are from Oxford University along with the researcher from the London School of Hygiene and also the Tropical Medicine and several other British universities have taken the steps to analyze the data.

Covid Can Cause Blood Clots

We should also be taking into account the work that has been done by the hospitals. They have also analyzed the data that has been taken from more than 29 million people. They are the people who have received or rather taken their first dose of the vaccine. The vaccine can be either or the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Rare blood clotting can be seen in the people getting the Oxford vaccine. This is indeed something that had been said by the researcher. Scientists have been looking into thromboembolic events. A low platelet count has also been seen and observed in the patients. The paper that has been given and written is giving the rates of rare blood clotting.

This is after a first vaccination dose so please understand that what they are talking about. The people have received their first vaccine but they have also got the coronavirus infection soon after. There is however no connection to the vaccines. So the people that have been under the impression and suspicious nature can rest easy now. There is no reason to doubt the vaccine.

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