Children’s COVID-19 Cases Up 32% From Two Weeks Ago, Pediatricians Report

The American Academy of Pediatrics had been highly concerned about the rising number of coronavirus cases among children. They, along with the Children’s Hospital Association, have gone ahead and used state-level case data that had been recorded with precision. They have it in writing that almost 6.8 million children who are well and healthy have been diagnosed, and they have all tested positive for the coronavirus.

This info has been taken into account since the beginning of the pandemic till date. The Covid cases affecting the children are on the rise, and it had increased by 32% in two weeks. So it goes without saying that is definitely not a good sign. The number and rate of increase are way too high, and it has been causing serious concerns among the health officials, especially the pediatricians.

Children's COVID-19 Cases Up 32% From Two Weeks Ago, Pediatricians Report

“This week nearly 142,000 child cases were added, an increase of about 32% from two weeks ago,” they have written in a statement to the common public. “Child cases have declined since a peak of 252,000 the week of Sept. 2, but COVID cases among children remain extremely high.”

The cases are high, and the prospect of them going even higher is still there. The children’s vaccine had been authorized in the United States just a few weeks ago. We hope that the vaccine is being given to the children soon enough to have some sense of immunity and protection against the virus.

It is important to note that many children had already been given the vaccine but still, we see this rise in the rate of child cases. A matter of concern that is causing us to worry too. Hopefully, the cases will go down soon enough. That is all for now.

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