CDC Warns People About The Flu

The CDC is concerned about the fact that the United States is at risk this year and that it is very much possible that the flu season is going to be hard for them this year. The CDC Director had even warned the people about this and made sure to get her news across to the people of the country to make sure that no one should be taking this flu season lightly.

Wondering why it is so dangerous this season? Well, the reason is pretty simple actually. Last year United States recorded the lowest number of flu-infected patients and lots of people suffered less because they stayed in the home, courtesy of the coronavirus.

CDC Warns People About The Flu

However, because they stayed in, a lot fewer people contracted the flu as you would like to call it. This however resulted in weakened immunity power of the system that the body is used to. This is why this season can be very devastating.

We hope you understand that in the pandemic situation the health of the people is not really at the peak condition. Well, most of the people that is. It is very fragile and the immunity system of the infected and recovered from Covid 19 is even more fragile than a common person so if you put flu or influenza in the mix of things then that is a complete recipe for disaster. This can not be taken less seriously at all. So people need to be careful so that they do not aggravate the situation.

About 69,000 Americans in the United States are currently in inpatient beds with Covid, according to the data that we can see from the Department of Health and Human Services.

“We continue to see as a matter of fact as many of the hospitals and intensive care units all over and all across the country at full capacity,” Walensky said to the news. “Each year that we pass in the United States, influenza has a big impact. It can even claim between 12,000 and 52,000 lives and result in 140,000 to 710,000 hospitalizations.”

The numbers do not look like it’s in our favor, so we need to be very careful this season and pay heed to the warnings of the professionals.

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