CDC Panel Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for All US Adults

The CDC had gone ahead and they had done what needed to be done for some time now. They had passed the decision that the booster shots will now be given to all the adults who have already taken the first two doses of the vaccine. It is indeed something that had demanded approval for some time.

The people who have been given the two primary doses are going to lose some of their immunity power after 6 months for the time of their last dose and then they do need a booster shot to keep their immunity up against the coronavirus.

CDC Panel Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for All US Adults

We are hoping that the people would be now sensible enough to go get their shots. It had been a step-wise process and we did see success in the previous steps when the booster shot was only available for people above a certain age and the people who had some serious health issues. That is a thing of the past now as now all the adults are eligible to get that vaccine booster shot.

The booster shot vaccine had been already given to a lot of people as they have been working around it for quite some time now. Around 32 million people have gone ahead and got that booster shot. Now the number is going to rise.

We are hoping that it rises because the holiday season is coming soon. We do not want another major outbreak of the coronavirus to happen, the cases As it is, is already on the rise.

Why feed fuel to the flames? If you are someone who is eligible for getting the corona booster shots then you should go get it as soon as possible. All the health officials are recommending it. It will help you and your loved ones to stay protected. That is all for now.

It was a really good decision made by the CDC panel and they made the vote unanimously. So go get your booster shots guys! We can not emphasize this enough. For the readers, if you want more updates keep your eyes open on the news.

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