CDC Director Walensky Avoids Question on Vaccine Mandate For Essential Workers

The President of the United States Joe Biden had signed an executive order on September 9th that states that all federal employees need to be given the Covid 19 vaccine. This had been adopted as a mandate in many states but not without any resistance. This is funny since the mandate had been passed in order to protect the people against this deadly vaccine, but people seem to be very angered at this and this really does not make any sense. Vaccines are our only way to fight back the coronavirus.

That being said, in a recent interview with the CDC Director, Walensky, there had been a matter to report. Walensky did not give any hints or talk about the fact of whether the Biden administration is going to support the vaccine mandates for the essential workers or the students.

CDC Director Walensky Avoids Question on Vaccine Mandate For Essential Workers

She had not even given any close or remote comment on the matter which is pushing our curiosity even more. She steered clear of the topic and refused to comment on the drawn-out comments about the vaccine mandates for the essential workers. She rather talked about the importance of vaccines and how they needed to be given to every person in order to check the spread of the coronavirus and the fatalities caused by it.

She did say that the government has a plan to push the vaccination more and further ahead on the road. The said plan had not been given out or announced yet, but apparently, there is a plan. She also said that the workers who are reluctant to get the vaccine are going to be forwarded to education and counseling to make them understand how important the vaccine is and that it should be taken by each and every person. A lot of the essential workers and officials have also died because of the coronavirus. There are the stats to show for it and it is a cold hard fact. So no one can deny it.

That’s the situation for now. Hope the government figures out a plan to vaccinate everyone soon. We will keep you updated on the news.

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