CDC Advisers Try to Work Out The Details on Booster Shots

The Pfizer vaccine has been given FDA approval for its booster vaccine shots. This is indeed a great fact, and now that the possibility for the people to get the booster shots are there, the need to make sure that who gets the shots and who are going to be a priority comes into play. This is not a feeble decision that can be taken just like that, it is indeed a very serious decision, and the CDC is working on this.

Who exactly has to be given the shots right away, and who can be given that later on. They are also working to find out if some sections of people may not need the vaccine altogether. This is indeed a very important matter at hand and the. CDC has to give a swift decision on the matter, so meetings are already set in motion, and they are going on. Now at the moment when you are reading this article, then there is a high chance that some meeting is already going on.

CDC Advisers Try to Work Out The Details on Booster Shots

The list of people that have already been stated to be getting the Pfizer booster shots are the people who are above the age of 65. They are the most likely people to be affected by the virus. So you have to understand that the people who are most likely to be affected are the ones that are getting the shots as a priority. Then the health care workers are going to get it, too, since they are regularly working in close contact with patients and they have a higher chance of contracting the virus.

Those who are severe patients with some kind of chronic illness are also going to get booster shots because they are more vulnerable to the virus than a normal average person. However, even though it had been categorized, the final say lies in the hands of the CDC. Now what the meeting on the CDC entails and the final decision is remaining to be seen.

The distribution of the vaccine is going to be a serious phase in the country’s vaccination drive. It is highly important and needs to be done with care. We will definitely keep you updated on the news, and the result, so make sure that you keep your eyes on the news. That is all for today about this matter. There is nothing else that needs to be reported.

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