Can New COVID-19 Variants Continue To Emerge?

There are a few in the minds of people about the new variants of COVID that had the potential to emerge in the nick of time. The alpha variant was the first one but that was not the end of the line. Many people were dying in the alpha variant itself but then came the delta variant which was first found in India and then it spread to different countries. Now it is a very hard thing to anticipate the new variants. The delta variant was so dangerous that it killed a lot of people.

Now as the delta variant and the cases in the country are going down there is the question in everyone’s mind that whether the new variant will emerge that is causing the doubt and apprehension to evolve in everyone’s mind. The question is that what will come next. The answer that seems to be given to the people is that as long as there will be people who are getting infected by the coronavirus then the chances of the new variants being present and going to emerge is also there.

Can New COVID-19 Variants Continue To Emerge

There is a matter that the coronavirus is not going to expand at the rate and frequency that it has been doing before. Do not worry about that. It will not be having the same frequency as it had been seen during the case of the coronavirus delta variant. There is always a chance that it may become more deadly than before. This is indeed a very legit concern that might be in the minds of the people. So we are not really dismissing the case.

“We have gone on to see a stage of rapid evolution that had occurred for the virus. It had been harvesting for the low-hanging fruit, but we have to point out that there is not an infinite number of things it can do,” Dr. Adam Lauring, told the press in a statement. He is a very well-known virus and infectious disease expert at the University of Michigan.

That’s all for now. We hope that the situation does not get any worse.

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