British Health Officials Refuse to Approve Shots for 12-15 Year Old Children

There has been some problem among the people about this particular matter at hand. The British health officials have refused to Approve shots for children who are healthy and between the age of 12 to 15. It is indeed a problem to face since the world only has one defense against the coronavirus, which is the vaccine. So why have they refused to issue the vaccine for the kids who need as much protection as the adults do?

This is also going to be a problem because of the fact that the schools are opening soon so the students might have to go and then in the outer world they might as well get the infection. So in such a situation, the vaccine seems to be the most important thing to get, and the refusal to issue and approval of the health official is getting to the people especially the parents who are worried about the kid’s safety.

British Health Officials Refuse to Approve Shots for 12-15 Year Old Children

The current guidance does allow the teens with underlying and vulnerable conditions to get the vaccine. However, this does not apply to healthy teens. Ministers have asked the officials to review the matter at once. There had been a number of reasons why they have not approved the vaccine for healthy children. The first is because of the heart inflammation problem that can be seen in some cases of the Pfizer vaccine.

Second, they did not want any healthy children with no major problem to take the vaccine and fall sick because of the side effects. This was not done with any bad intentions, and they always had the security and health of the children in mind. There can also be mental pressure among the children to have to take the vaccine and then again booster shots.

The government is going to look further into the matter and a decision will be made soon. Whether or not this will include healthy children or not is totally up for debate. Only time will tell what is going out to come next. We hope that the results will be beneficial to all and taken after much consideration.

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