Biden Administration’s Booster Shot Guidance ‘Prudent Thing To Do to Stay Ahead of This Virus,’ Says U.S. Surgeon General

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has told the media that the Biden administration is recommending Covid booster shots for most vaccinated Americans beginning on September 20. This is done in order to stay ahead of the virus.

“We have put in the heads together, all the top public health and medical officials in the Department of Health and Human Services have come together and debated on this matter. They have come to the conclusion that there has been the need of starting booster shots at that eight-month mark. This would be a logical thing to do and this will help the people to stay ahead of the virus. It is indeed a good thing that they reached a conclusion that is actually going to prove useful to the people,” said Murthy.

Biden administration’s booster shot guidance ‘prudent thing to do to stay ahead of this virus,’ says U.S. surgeon general

“We are making plans now because you should always plan out all this stuff in the beginning. We would also like to share the info with the public and see that how they would react, this is in our effort to be transparent and open with the public,” said Murthy.

The U.S. health officials are actually taking several factors into consideration including the new set of data. The vaccines are actually 92% effective against Covid infection if you look at it that way but this was way before the delta variant started spreading in the United States. Now the data has changed and since then the data shows protection has dropped to 64%.

What comes next is anyone’s guess. We just hope that you are keeping safe in this situation and it is important to keep up to date with the news. The new instructions and development are really needed to be common knowledge in order to create awareness. To be sure that you are not missing out we recommend getting a daily update or check on the news coverage around your area or on the Internet.

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