11-Year-Old Girl Catches Gonorrhea From Swimming in Hot Spring

Yes, we know what you are thinking. We also thought that when the news was first reported. It seems bizarre and unbelievable to think that a little girl had got Gonorrhea from swimming in a hot spring. This had not really been something that had been seen before on a large basis. This might be those once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences. The chances of such things happening is very low, if not zero. This, however, has happened, and it is a fact as we are reporting it now to our readers.

An 11-year-old Austrian girl who was having a good day and was happy with the vacation that she was having suddenly turned out to be not so much good of a day as she was reportedly infected with Gonorrhea after she had gone bathing in a popular thermal pool while on vacation in Italy. Talk about a vacation going wrong. To make this a little more detailed about the matter for the people who are interested in how this bizarre thing can happen, we will let you know.

11-Year-Old Girl Catches Gonorrhea From Swimming in Hot Spring

The girl had been having a good time while she was oblivious to the fact that she was going to get a disease. Soon she was diagnosed with Neisseria gonorrhea. This came after the fact that she was taking a nice dip in the hot spring off the island of Pantelleria’s crater lake Specchio di Venere. We are sure you have heard of it, this is a popular spot.

After two days, when the girl started to show symptoms of the disease, she was taken to a medical center where they found the cause of the symptoms, which turned out to be Gonorrhea. Well, the girl adamantly denied any sexual contact, and there was no instance for such to be determined either. Hence, they concluded that the matter was because of the hot spring, and she somehow might have contracted the infection there. Then she was given the proper medications and treated for the infection. That is all that we know about this case.

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